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Every year thousands of workers get killed or injured while performing repairs or maintenance on industrial equipment or machinery. Many of these accidents are caused by the uncontrolled release of energy. Our lockout/tagout products and services, offers a broad range of durable, easy-to-use lockout devices that cover most mechanical and electrical applications. Lockout Tagout Safety services help companies with limited resources quickly get their program up to speed, ensuring that lockout activities are implemented in a way that promotes optimum safety while maximizing efficiency and reducing downtime.

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Lockout Devices

Lockout Tagout Safety Ltd provide a wide range of locking devices for inudstiral safety applications. This range from padlocks for isolations, to warning signs and labels. Below is a selection of products we offer. View our full product range at www.lockout-tagout.co.uk


Cable Lockout

Cable lockouts are a great basic tool for securing valve handles or for connecting multiple locked-out valves. See our full range HERE.

Electrical Lockout
Electrical lockout devices are used for isolating electrical equipment and devices, such as plugs, circuit breakers, wall switches etc.; view our full range HERE.

Lockout padlocks are designed to secure a isolation point or lockout device on a piece of equipment/machinery, to prevent anyone else from unlocking it and reactivating the equipment while you're working on it. These padlocks are uniquely keyed to prevent any unauthorised personnel from unlocking it. View our full range HERE.

lockout kit
When working in this dangerous industry, it is crucial to take enforcement action to ensure health and safety. Providing workers with fit for purpose, custom mechanical lockout kits along with robust procedures keeps your workers safe. Choose from our universal Lockout Kit range and ensure safe workplaces. Everyone should be able to go to work and return home safe and unharmed through effective safety policies Lockout Tagout Program underpinned with the right lockout devices/tools. choose the right kit or call us for a custom kit. These portable kits provide all the equipment required for implenting lockout tagout procedures. Available in personal and team sizes. View our full range HERE.
Ball Valve Lockout
These lockout devices are specifically designed for isolating ball valves, ensuring that they cannot be opened or closed, depending on the work being done to them, or on the system they are in. View our full range HERE.
Lockout Station
These lockout stations provide a secure place for lockout tagout equipment to be stored. Ideal for locations where maintenance is carried out on a regular basis. View our full range HERE.


Lockout Key Box
These lockout key safes are designed for securing important lockout tagout related equipment. They feature a varying number of unique secondary locks and a central control lock. The team leader keeps the control lock which can only be opened when the other, secondary locks are replaced. The safe would usually hold a key or some other device related to activating a piece of machinery or equipment. This makes the safe a robust form of group lockout. Two fixing slots are provided in the back plate of the unit for wall mounting. The clear window in the door is made from 3mm acrylic, which is designed to permit entry to the safe by breaking, in case of emergency. All secondary locks are unique and are supplied complete with a brass tag, engraved with the key safe number and secondary lock identification. View our full range HERE.
Lockout Tags
These tags provide ID and warnings for pieces of locked equipment. They have space for the name of the person who has isolated the equipment, the date the maintenance is being performed on, and other information. Some are reusable and can be customised to suit your needs. Also available are photo lockout tags, for clearer identification. View our full range HERE.




These hasps are designed to be locked with padlocks to lockout a piece of equipment for multiple users. The safety guidelines say that it is 'one padlock for one life' meaning that each individual who is working on the locked out piece of equipment must attach their own padlock. This prevents premature reactivation of a piece of equipment. These hasps are available with various number of spaces for padlocks for lockout. View our full range HERE.

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